EP Review: Another Day Dawns’ “Stranger”

Another Day Dawns will be releasing their new EP “Stranger” on Friday (January 31) and I was recently given the opportunity to listen to it early. The effort hooks the listener right from the start with “Beautiful Suicide.” The hard rocking track is a powerful opener that proves the band aren’t messing around. This trend continues on “Am I,” which maintains the hard rock sound while also adding a bit of a different flair to the mix. The track, which also has a killer guitar solo, gives way to “Taste Of Heaven.” That song isn’t as heavy as the previous two, but it has a lot of soul that carries over to the ballad “Never Okay.” This track is the slowest one on the release, but it is filled with solid vocals and lyrics that have the power to evoke an emotional response. This doesn’t last too long though, because the calmness is quickly interrupted by the aggressive “Forget Me Not.” This track veers further into the metal territory and it serves as a perfect closer. All in all, “Stranger” is a hard-hitting EP that is a must have for any hard rock fan.