Interview: Ministry’s Sin Quirin Talks New Project 3 Headed Snake

I was recently given the opportunity to interview Ministry’s Sin Quirin about his new project 3 Headed Snake. You can check out that chat below.

METAL ANARCHY: First of all, your new project 3 Headed Snake sounds amazing. How did it come together?

SIN QUIRIN: Well, a few years ago I had written some songs that had that old school metal vibe. Reminiscent of the stuff I used to listen to in the 80’s. Stuff like Priest, Dio, Maiden, Warrior, Malice, etc.. That was the vibe I was going for and I set out to look for a vocalist that could handle something like that and thank god I found Johnny Ray.

METAL ANARCHY: Johnny Ray’s vocals are insane. How did he get involved in the project?

SIN QUIRIN: Haha yes, he is a monster vocalist! True story… I was up late one night working on music and I was looking for vocalists and I happen to be on Craigslist in the musicians wanted ads and I found this ad that basically said “vocalist looking to get into a project” type of thing. Anyways, he had a link in the ad and I clicked on it and it was him singing and I was blown away. Couldn’t believe it. So I emailed him and we started working on music right away.

METAL ANARCHY: What’s it like working on 3 Headed Snake as opposed to Ministry?

SIN QUIRIN: Well it’s a completely different mindset. The writing style is different. With 3 Headed Snake I can go into my old school metal roots and influences and ultimately I’m the one that has to be happy with it. When I write for Ministry I’m always conscious that it has to sound like Ministry. And of course everything ultimately needs Al Jourgensen’s approval.

METAL ANARCHY: You recently released a video for “Wisdom Screams.” What would you like to say bout that clip?

SIN QUIRIN: Yes, “Wisdom Screams” is the single we went with for this EP and I wanted to shoot a video for it and I’m extremely pleased with the outcome. The video was directed by Matt Zane who did an amazing job. Far exceeded my expectations. I was basically looking to do some type of performance video that showcased the members and why not throw some fire performers in there too haha.

METAL ANARCHY: You have an EP out, but are you planning to record a full-length album at some point?

SIN QUIRIN: Yes, the goal is to do a full length album next year. We have more material written and we are currently writing more as well.

METAL ANARCHY: Are you planning any tours with this project?

SIN QUIRIN: We would love to do some shows and we are hoping we can tour at some point next year.

METAL ANARCHY: Speaking of tours, what can fans expect from Ministry’s fall tour with Carpenter Brut and Alien Weaponry?

SIN QUIRIN: Well I would say to expect the same full on assault on all your senses. Plus I hear we will be pulling out some old classic songs that haven’t been played in quite some time.

METAL ANARCHY: Lastly, Jourgensen recently said Ministry are already working on a follow up to “AmeriKKKant.” Is there anything you can say about the new material?

SIN QUIRIN: Haha I can’t comment on that at the moment.