SOM Share Music Video For Cover Of Depeche Mode’s “Personal Jesus

SOM have shared an official video for “Personal Jesus” off their Depeche Mode tribute EP. That effort is titled “Faith” and it will officially be released tomorrow (May 26).

SOM’s Will Benoit commented:

“When Samia [Zaidi] and I were working on the concept, I was inspired to learn how Depeche Mode’s label took out enigmatic personal ads in the UK newspapers before the single came out in 1989 that just said ‘Your own personal Jesus,’ with a number that people could call and hear the song playing on the other end of the line. So we wanted to do a version of that but take it further, by posting an anonymous call for people to share their prayers and confessions with us. These prayers and confessions along with intimate portraits (filmed over several weeks across multiple cities) formed the basis of the video.”

Director Samia Zaidi added:

“The moment I heard the song, a series of very human portraits started playing in my head. There was something about the idea of seeing this smorgasbord of humanity that seemed really fitting for the heavy way the song unfolded. We were mindful of the vulnerability we were asking for and distributed the confessions in different ways. Some were direct accompaniments; others were vaguely placed in order to maintain the anonymity of our subjects and submissions.”

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