Breaking Benjamin Working On New Music

Breaking Benjamin’s Jasen Rauch has confirmed that the band are working on new music. According to him, the writing sessions have been going on for “a little over a year.”

Rauch told 97.9 WGRD the following:

“We are working on music. We’ve been writing for quite a while. And regardless of whether we were able to record anything or not, we’ve been writing for a little over a year, I would say. We kind of keep the bar pretty high for ourselves as far as the standard moving forward. We’ve been experimenting with some things, throwing some things out, started over a couple of times, and are getting to a place where we’re pretty happy.”

He also added:

“So, yeah, we’ve been in the studio. We did some in Nashville. We’ve done a lot of stuff remotely. Ben [BREAKING BENJAMIN frontman Benjamin Burnley] and I have dozens and dozens of voice memos going back, ‘Hey, try this. Try this.’ And we’ll record something and send it back and forth. But, yeah, we’re looking forward to it. And hopefully we’ll have something out soon for everybody to hear.”

[via Blabbermouth]

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