Robert Trujillo Reveals His Favorite Metallica Album

During a recent interview with Rocket Beans TV, Robert Trujillo was tasked with choosing his favorite Metallica album. The bassist said the following:

“Well, I’m gonna take ’72 Seasons’ out of the equation right now because that’s not fair, because that would be the album I would choose right now. But I would have to say… That’s a tough one right there. I’m gonna go for ‘Master Of Puppets’. I feel ‘Master Of Puppets’ has a lot of everything. It’s got instrumentals, it’s got great segues, great riffs. It’s got one of my favorite songs ever by Metallica, and that song is ‘Disposable Heroes’. So any time I can hear that particular song, count me in. ‘Battery’ is an amazing song. So it’s just got everything that I love about Metallica.”

[via Blabbermouth]

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