Cause Of Death Revealed For Dead Kennedys Drummer D.H. Peligro

D.H. Peligro’s cause of death has officially been revealed. According to TMZ, the Dead Kennedys drummer passed away from the “combined effects of fentanyl and heroin.” It was also noted that he was suffering from non-small cell lung cancer, but the drug combination was the official cause of death. Dead Kennedys commented:

“In response to the recent LA Times and TMZ articles. DH Peligro had his battles. What these articles leave out is that he was battling cancer and the chemo and radiation treatments did not get it all, his health was failing. When the police on the scene called East Bay Ray, they told him it looked liked he died from a fall in the bathroom, and said that’s usually caused by a stroke or an accidental trip. Ray told the officer about DH’s cancer and his failing health. Now we know more was involved. Peace brother, you will always be in our hearts. Rest in Power”

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