He Is Legend’s Schuylar Croom Seems To Suggest That The Band May Have Been Blacklisted

He Is Legend’s Schuylar Croom has taken to social media to comment on the band’s lack of growth over the years. According to him, the band may have been held back due to blacklisting practices.

Croom said the following:

“We’ve never been played on Octane or Sirius radio bc those gatekeepers there either don’t like Legend or don’t know… or could it be…the old blacklist? Is that why we have a killer new album with zero shows save for the ones booked by yours truly? The evidence is overwhelming.

When I finally write a book about this band it’s going to be a nail biter. 20 years of getting fucked by Christians, promoters, labels, managers, booking agents, friends, other horrible bands, and here we are still ripping ass and not giving a fuck since 2001.

When we were on tour with Underoath and Silverstein back in sept of 2006, Adam and I had a friend die suddenly under suspicious circumstances. We left the tour that night to be with his family. Some members on the tour were upset that we were dropping off and told us…

“Your friend really wouldn’t want you to do this….” I’ll never forget that stupid fucking Christian logic. Like just “keep paying for 100 bucks a night at least his grave will be there when you get home. Gods plan, ya dig.” FUCK YOU.

There are other really stupid things we did that were clearly on us and we would never deny those things. It’s called integrity. These music cows don’t what you to have that. I’m proud we’ve always been who we are and our fans are rabid bc of that.”

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