Falling In Reverse Cancelled Their Recent Florida Shows Due To Ronnie Radke Suffering From Vocal Issues

Over the weekend, Falling In Reverse were forced to cancel their shows in Orlando and St. Augustine, Florida. The concerts were unable to move forward due to Ronnie Radke suffering from vocal issues.

Radke said the following [via Lambgoat]:

“What’s up Orlando? I just want to let you guys know one more time that I’m so sorry. I love Orlando, I love the fans there we have a lot of fans there. We haven’t played there in a long time. I know there’s a lot of you waiting for us. Very sorry to the radio station one more time.

My voice sounds a little better today, I’m gonna try to play say Augustine tonight. Just want to let you guys know that I feel really bad. I really do I love Orlando. I’ll be back though, I promise you I’ll be back very soon. I’m trying to figure this out. See you guys”

He later continued:

“Yo man, I’m sorry, I tried guys. Just want to let you guys know I can’t do the show today. I need one more day of rest and the next show I’m going to be able to do for sure. It happens sometimes guys, there’s a lot of bands that have to do this, so I’m sorry. I’m not sick, I don’t have – it’s just the cold air in one of these venues, there’s no moisture. You can hear it in my voice.

So I got to take care of my voice, and I love you guys. I know there’s gonna be some mad people. You guys are gonna be super mad, I know. You brought your kids and stuff like that. There’s nothing I can do about it. I gotta take care of my voice. I love you guys, I promise you I’ll come back very soon, promise. Bye”

Radke also added the following in response to a Metal Injection story about the cancellations:

“When I was a kid I used to read all these media sites like the one I just posted, Metal Injection. But you know, like the older versions of that; and believe that all the singers that I would read, ‘like oh my god, they’re so crazy, the headline that I’m reading, this is so crazy.’ And you know, it kinda helped for the mystique of the rock stars I used to look up to. But it also made me realize as I got older that most of this shit is… You guys are full of shit, you know?

Singers need to cancel shows sometimes. Because sometimes the moisture can get sucked out of a giant venue because the ice hockey rink has to keep it cold so the ice doesn’t melt and stuff like that. Listen to my voice, you can hear it. I just don’t get to the show and just cancel it ’cause I’m playing video games dude, I take my job very seriously. If I cancel a show it’s because I’m legit sick or I don’t wanna further mess my voice up and stuff like that, so the neckbeard community in the comment section, you guys are really funny [laughs.]”

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