Original Saliva Singer Josey Scott On Wayne Swinny: “He Was An Amazing Friend, An Amazing Brother And Just An Unbelievable Musician”

During a recent appearance on “I Ask No One With Kevin Re LoVullo,” original Saliva singer Josey Scott paid tribute to the band’s late guitarist Wayne Swinny. He says Swinny “was an amazing friend, an amazing brother and just an unbelievable musician.”

Scott said the following:

“It’s been absolutely heartbreaking. I can’t really put it into words how devastating this loss has been.

Wayne Swinny was an amazing, amazing bandmate. He was an amazing friend, an amazing brother and just an unbelievable musician. His musicianship was just pristine and perfect… [He was one of] the most prolific guitar players that will ever be — not in just Memphis but in rock and roll history. He will go down — like a lot of people have said on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram; people have said, ‘This will be remembered just like Randy Rhoads. This will be remembered just like Eddie Van Halen.’ And that’s true. This moment for us carries the heaviness of a Randy Rhoads or an Eddie Van Halen-type situation. Swinny would have loved hearing that. And I just wish I could tell him those things to his face. And I will someday. I know I will see him again.

He was not just one of the most amazing guitar players I’ve ever seen, but one of the funniest. If you knew Wayne Swinny personally or if you ever got to hang out with him for more than five minutes, you understood that he was one of the funniest human beings on the planet. If this man had not went into rock and roll, he could have easily — easily — been a stand-up comic or a comedic movie star of the highest caliber, of the highest order.

We have a friend and bandmate that played with us for a long time named Jonny Montoya. He was in a band called FULL DEVIL JACKET. And Jonny would say, ‘I thought I was funny, and then I met Wayne Swinny. [Laughs]

There are just as many comedic moments with Wayne as there are musical moments with Wayne. And I’m so grateful and so thankful and blessed to be able to say that I got to share all those magical musical moments with him, but I also got to share all those magical comedic moments with him.

He was one of those guys that was funny in a way that was all-inclusive of everyone, even if you were the butt of the joke, and I was most definitely the butt of the joke more than a thousand times. But he never made you feel like he was making a sport of you or hurting your feelings or anything like that. He encompassed everyone he got around. He would just hold court on the bus or in a crowd of people. And people would leave literally in a fetal position on the ground with tears running down their face because he’s just that funny.

I’m gonna miss him.”

Scott also paid tribute to Swinny on social media:

“I have no words. Just the love, and the little moments, and the looks that we shared, just between us and the fans, on stage, after stage, all over the world, that no one will ever know. Playing music, and writing music with a man like Wayne Swinny, for as long as we did, like we did, in all those places we did, is so very intimate. It was a love we shared together, and I will go into eternity holding on to that love, and those memories. Forever #TheToxicTwins”

[via Blabbermouth]

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