Robert Trujillo To Make His Metallica Vocal Debut On “72 Seasons”

During a recent interview conducted for Metallica’s So What!, Robert Trujillo discussed the band’s new album “72 Seasons” (out April 14). Notably, the bassist also revealed that he contributed backing vocals to a new track called “You Must Burn!.”

Trujillo said the following about the record:

“I think we all had a pretty good idea that [James] would be sharing a story, an energy. With all of the impactful thoughts and what was going on in his world, it would almost be impossible for that not to happen. That’s also what makes this album great – what he’s gone through and how he’s had to grow.

It’s almost like a rebirth in a lot of ways, because you’ve got to reconnect with your inner spirit, who you are, and what you’re about. And now you’re sending it, you’re bringing it, and you’re presenting it to us and eventually to the world, so it’s a very heavy thing for him. So at that point, I know it’s going to be a powerful record. This is going to be one of the more important records, I think, that Metallica’s ever made.

It’s also even in the riffs and where he’s coming from in that place, too. Riffs speak a certain language; they signify a certain level of power, whether it’s in the groove or the heaviness, the edginess. There’s a lot of impact in the riffs in my mind. I always say that a riff can really determine your headspace or where you come from.

I mean, some of the best riffs have come from challenging environments or situations, whether it’s Birmingham, England, or South Central Los Angeles, you know what I mean? It’s like, where did Slayer pull Reign in Blood out of? Well, it probably came from the impact of where they grew up and what they experienced.

I always say that about these guys like Tony Iommi or James Hetfield or Jeff Hanneman. You create what’s inside of you, what you’ve experienced in your life, and some of that is more powerful than others. That’s what 72 Seasons is. It has a lot of that energy in all of us.

Every note we play is a statement that appears on this record. It’s coming from the heart and soul of who we are as individuals and where we were in this whole process, the growth of these songs, and everything. To me, every note that’s played is important on this record, and I believe people are going to feel that.”

He continued:

“I know, for me personally, every note that I played on this record had a certain importance and impact, and it was coming from the heart. More than any of the other records I’ve made with Metallica, this album really resonated [with] what was going on in my life. And I think that- I mean, I don’t even think… I know people feel on that. That’s the magic of music.

That’s why if you listen to old classic songs, those guys are playing from the heart, they’re playing from experience, and every note they’re playing means something, whether it’s Black Sabbath or even Santana. Carlos is pulling it from a place of where he is, and that’s the passion he’s conveying through his instrument. That’s how I feel about this record. I really do believe that we were all playing from our hearts, there’s a collaborative spirit in that alone, and that’s something that is a magic ingredient on 72 Seasons.”

Trujillo also added the following about recording vocals for the album:

“When I joined Metallica, I’d never sung in my whole life, so the fact that I can now support a backup vocal is pretty cool. For the first time in my life, I get to sing on a Metallica record [‘You Must Burn! ‘] and support James.

I’m very proud of that. So we’re getting better, we’re learning and still growing in this band right now, and the respect level is much higher. Oftentimes Lars calls me, sometimes he’s checking in or wants my opinion on something – same thing with Kirk. And I love that. I love the idea that there’s trust and respect.”

He also further discussed the track:

“It’s the first time that James and Greg [Fidelman, producer] had probably ever really trusted me with that position on a recording of this stature. I was surprised when I got the call from Greg because I was coming up to play a little bass, but then he said, ‘I’m going to have you sing on a couple things, too.’ And I was like, ‘Really?’ I got a little nervous.

At the same time, I was very motivated. Fortunately for me, the part really does suit my comfort zone, so to speak. The vibe and the interesting – I don’t know, I wouldn’t say the “quality” in what I had to offer – but the part lends itself to my personality, to my voice, and it sits and slots in really well with the moment and bass breakdown. So it’s cool that it’s this breakdown that James and I were able to jam on and create, and then I get to sing on it too!”

In other news, Metallica have also announced that the next single from “72 Seasons” will be released on March 30. A teaser for that track can be found below:

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