Wolfgang Van Halen Says Mammoth WVH’s New Album Is “Almost Finished”

During a recent interview with Total Guitar, Wolfgang Van Halen offered an update on the new Mammoth WVH album. According to him, the effort is “almost finished.”

Wolfgang said the following about the album and his ability to take on all of the parts himself:

“Yeah, I’ve almost finished it! Some people try to turn me playing everything into a negative thing, which surprises me. It’s like they think I won’t let other people play on it or something like that. But really this is what Mammoth is and always has been; it’s my artistic expression.

I’ve been in bands before where you collaborate and that’s not what this is. I have a live band, but in the studio I do everything and have a fun time doing it. I enjoy being able to express myself musically in every avenue.”

He also added the following about the effort’s sound:

“It will always sound a bit similar, I guess, because the same dude is writing it. But I think on this current material, you can hear me challenging myself a bit more. I’ve gotten more confident and I know what the project is now, rather than trying to figure out what it was from the start, like on the first one.

On the debut there was this width of what the project was — on the left you had songs like ‘Distance’ and ‘Circles’, those softer vibes, and on the right you had tracks like ‘Stone’ and ‘The Big Picture’. In the middle, there were songs like ‘Mammoth’ or ‘Epiphany’ and stuff like that. What I want to do with this album is widen what that breadth is. Further left, for example, there’s a song that’s all on piano… so it has more of a softer vibe. But on the right, there’s some really heavy shit in comparison to the debut. That’s what I find really exciting. It’s fun to stretch the definition of Mammoth on both sides.”

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