Mr. Big Announce New Touring Drummer

Mr. Big have recruited Nick D’Virgilio (ex-Spock’s Beard, etc.) as their new touring drummer. He will be filling in for the late Pat Torpey. With this news, the band have also announced the Asian leg of their “Big Finish” tour. Further shows are being planned in South America, Europe, and the U.S.

Tour Dates:

07/20 Nagoya, Japan – Nagoya Shimin Kaikan
07/22 Osaka, Japan – Osaka Maruzen Intec Arena
07/25 Tokyo, Japan – Budokan
07/29 Seoul, Korea – Yes24 Live Hall
07/31 Hong Kong, China – Southorn Stadium
08/02 Taiwan – Zepp New Taipei
08/04 Singapore – Marina Bay Sands Theater
08/05 Singapore – Marina Bay Sands Theater
08/07 Bangkok, Thailand – Show DC Hall
08/09 Manila, Philippines – Skydome
08/12 Kemayoran, Jakarta – The 90’s Festival

The band said the following about the upcoming tour:

Billy Sheehan:

“We wanted to do a proper farewell, and this seems like the right way to do it.”

Paul Gilbert:

“We’re in the process of making sure we come up with a suitably big entertainment extravaganza to go along with our music. And since our music has resonated so wonderfully in places all over the world, we’re going to play in as many of those places as we can.”

Eric Martin:

“If we were in the movie business, we’d just put it all up in lights and say, ‘Welcome to ‘The BIG Finish’!’ Seriously, I’m glad we’re getting a chance to do it all onstage together as Mr. Big again and raise a flag to everything we’ve done as a band over the years.”

The group also commented on recruiting D’Virgilio:


“We found a wonderful drummer in Nick, and he’s got a great voice too. Nick has a vocal range similar to Pat’s, and he’ll be able to do the parts Pat did with a similar finesse. It’s a big relief because Mr. Big has always been heavy on the harmonies. When the band began, we really relied on each other. We knew each guy would do exactly what he needed to do vocally and to do it righteously, on key, and in time. It’s difficult to find a drummer who sings in that range, but Nick has the voice we really need onstage.”


“Nick gets close to the spirit of Pat Torpey. Billy, Eric, and I have been really happy with the music we’ve already shared back and forth. I’m impressed with Nick’s level of musical adaptability and breadth of skill. He and I have done some recording together, and I was blown away with his groove, and how he just played what fit the song. If the song requires him to be more progressive and stand out, he will stand out. But if the song requires him to groove, he will groove. That’s actually a rare thing, and it really fits in with what we do in Mr. Big.”


“I love the fact that Nick was a fan of Pat Torpey and wants to keep our Big sound intact. When I first saw his audition demo video of the ‘Lean Into It’ song ‘Lucky This Time’, Nick was playing drums with those signature Pat snare hits and singing harmonies spot on to what Pat used to do. It gave me goosebumps!! I am so thrilled to have this man who will be filling some mighty Big shoes join us on our last tour.”

Mr. Big also confirmed that they will be performing “Lean Into It” in full:


“[‘To Be With You’] helped put the stamps in our passports, but we really nailed it on “Lean Into It”. I’m still in awe of how Billy and Paul play on that album, because they’re such brilliant players. I used to call them the dynamic duo. And Pat Torpey was an underrated drummer, in my opinion. I mean, just listen to his tone! ‘Lean Into It’ is totally indicative of who we are as a band.”


“‘Lean Into It’ was put together much like a movie, with an opening scene that lets us get into the dialogue and find out what the story is. And then you get the love scene, the car chase, and the punchline ending. I think it’s a perfectly sequenced album.”


“Some people thought we had brought in professional background singers to do all those harmonies on ‘Lean Into It’, but no, it’s really us. We always felt like we had something to prove whenever we went on the road and did all that singing ourselves, just to show everyone that we really could do it.”

The band also added:


“I hope the people who come see our shows get to feel what it’s like when musicians get together and really play and sing the songs they wrote. We want the audience to be one with us, and feel our evening together was a magical and beautiful event.”


“Music is like time travel. You can hear something that takes you right back to 1992, and it reminds you exactly of what was happening back then. On this tour, I want to give people the opportunity to time travel like that and go, ‘These guys are on fire!’ Good music is timeless.”


“I love playing with these guys. And if I’m being honest, I don’t want it to ever end. I’m the guy who just knows we still have that special spark together, and I always want to keep the torch burning. But if it really is the end, then I want us all to have a happy ending together. We’re a great live band. I want everybody to come out and see us, because we want to blow you away and have you all think as you’re leaving, ‘Mr. Big really is the real thing.'”

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