Monuments Protest Merch Cuts By Not Selling Merch During Their Athens, Greece Show

During their March 2 show at Gagarin 205 in Athens, Greece, Monuments decided against selling merch due to the unfair merch cuts being placed on artists. The band commented:

“We will not be selling merch at our show at Gagarin in Athens, Greece today due to a 18% Gross Concession and 24% VAT. We maintain a high quality standard for our merch and want to give that merch to you at fair prices – which we simply cannot do with venue merch cuts. It shouldn’t be on our fans to pick up the bill for venue cuts but also makes zero sense for us to lose money. If you would like to continue supporting what we do then please head over to our website and grab some merch or tabs for a much fairer price. We thank you for your understanding”

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