Some Idiot Rushed Architects Onstage And Told Them They’re Letting Down Their Late Guitarist

During Architects’ February 17 show at the AEC Theatre In Adelaide, Australia, some idiot decided to get onstage and rush at guitarist Josh Middleton. On top of that, the audience member also took a microphone and started spouting out a bunch of nonsense including claims of the band letting down their late guitarist Tom Searle.

Vocalist Sam Carter told the crowd the following after the incident [via Metal Injection]:

“In all my fucking years of being in this fucking band and giving [you] our fucking lives, and working so fucking hard, to turn around see someone fucking run on stage and fucking run at Josh and fucking grab the mic and start shouting whatever the fuck he was shouting,” said Carter as transcribed by Metal Injection. “That is fucking insane.

This isn’t a fucking game. This is our fucking lives, and I don’t know who the fuck that person thinks they are to come up on stage and fucking try to assault Josh or do whatever they are. But the other fucking thing is when he was on the fucking floor, screaming in my fucking face, telling me to respect Tom and play some fucking old songs, I’ll tell you what – we were just playing the oldest song in the set you stupid fuck.”

He added:

“We respect Tom every single fucking day of our lives,” and point out that it’s just music and that maybe that person should rethink their priorities.

And to think that I turn around and my fucking best friend is being attacked by somebody, get the hell out of here. It’s just music.”

This is the thing that people need to understand. This shit that goes on the Internet, the way fucking people talk to each other. It can’t fucking carry on like this. It’s just fucking music. We’re just up here doing our fucking best. There’s no need for violence. There’s no need to run up here and do this shit.”

Carter also commented further via Twitter:

It’s also worth mentioning that Tom’s brother, drummer Dan Searle, was not present:

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