Journey’s Jonathan Cain Files Lawsuit Against Neal Schon For Allegedly Charging $1 Million On Shared Credit Card

According to Billboard, Journey keyboardist Jonathan Cain has filed a lawsuit against his bandmate Neal Schon after accusing the guitarist of spending over $1 million on the band’s American Express card. This latest move comes after Schon previously filed a similar lawsuit, claiming that Cain was misusing the card and blocking access to its financial records.

Cain’s legal representatives said the following:

“Schon’s use of the [shared] AMEX card for personal expenses created serious liquidity problems for the band, as the AMEX balance had to be paid every month, and there were insufficient revenues to pay for other expenses as Schon saddled Journey with over $1 million of his personal expenses.”

Billboard shared the following rundown of the allegations in Cain’s complaint:

“Cain’s countersuit included a number of specific allegations about Schon’s spending habits. Once given access to the band Amex, Cain says Schon promptly spent over $100,000 in January 2022. Then in March, he allegedly spent a whopping $400,000 in charges at Bergdorf Goodman department store in New York City and other retailers.

At the end of a recent tour, Cain says Schon demanded suites at a Hawaiian hotel that cost north of $5,000 per night, then stayed a week longer than necessary and racked up more than $100,000 more in charges on the card.”

Schon’s attorney, Skip Miller, has since called these accusations as “ridiculous” and “as phony as a three dollar bill.” He also claimed the countersuit was a result of “sour grapes” after Schon sent Cain a cease-and-desist order following a performance at Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort. Miller went on to say that they just “want Cain to just focus on Journey and its fans.”


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