Evanescence Release “Fallen” 20th Anniversary Makeup Palette

Evanescence are celebrating the 20th anniversary of “Fallen” with a new makeup palette. The beauty set was created in collaboration with HipDot.

Jeff Sellinger, co-founder and CEO of HipDot, commented:

“HipDot continues to blend beauty and pop-culture in unique and unexpected ways, and with this we are especially excited to bring to life this new beauty concept with a band as iconic as Evanescence.

Being able to bring together two very different industries with a common goal to shock, surprise, and please is something that we are very lucky to have the ability to do. We hope that with this collaboration we are able to continue to grow the momentum around blending make-up and pop-culture.”

The palette includes the following “tracks”:

* “Hello” (Black – Matte)
* “Going Under” (Bright White – Shimmer)
* “Haunted” (Bright Blue/Silver – Foil)
* “Bring Me To Life” (Muted Blue/Grey – Matte)
* “Everybody’s Fool” (Dark Blue Jean – Matte)
* “My Immortal” (Royal Blue – Foil)
* “Taking Over” (Greyish Periwinkle – Foil)
* “Imaginary” (Deep Royal Blue – Glitter)


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