Erase Theory Premiere New Song “Stay”

Erase Theory, the project featuring letlive. guitarist Jeff Sahyoun, have premiered a new song titled “Stay.” You can check that out below along with a remix from Zardonic. The track will appear on the band’s self-titled debut EP, which will be released on February 24.

Sahyoun commented:

“[The song was written in] two hours, as my fiancé was moving out of our house. I was so sad, I didn’t give a shit about what it sounded like or how honest I was being.

No matter what life throws at you, we will always have music. To me, it’s one of the most powerful assets the universe has given to us. It’s a language we all speak and an endless movement of frequency that allows the soul to crossover.

About a month ago, my peace here was threatened by an organization within our musical community. This organization used a capitalistic effort to bully me out of something I’d been working on for over 4 years. The individual posts videos about DIY ethics, the love for the arts, speaks about the struggle of “making it”, supporting artists globally and also claims to want to help other artists bring their vision(s) to life. Yet, behind closed doors he is sending threatening letters to other artists, in the same community, for using a WORD that he found in the English dictionary and claims as his own.

I am re-branding … and changing my band’s name to Erase Theory. I want to take this time to truly send love to that organization – and I mean that. I feel for you, the type of individual you are and the example you set. I want to send positive energy into your life … and wish you the most success. What you are seeing as a threat (for reasons unknown), I am seeing as a success. We’ve made enough of an impact here to have been noticed in such a short amount of time. For that, I am thankful. As I’ve stated here before, it’s always going to be about what happens FOR us and not to us. There are reasons as to why the world didn’t want us to co-exist even though it was entirely possible. I’m not here thinking twice about it. Instead, I am moving with it and doing so with a smile on my face. A lot more good came out of this in our camp and 2023 is going to be that much more explosive.

I’m sure you are reading this, so plz never hesitate to DM me personally if I can do anything to ever help you in the future. You don’t need a lawyer to ask me for that. As artists, we should always be working with each other and not against one another. Our world needs more love and I can teach you how to do that. No hands to hold grudges here.”


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