Paul Di’Anno (Ex-Iron Maiden) Announces Latin American Tour

Paul Di’Anno (ex-Iron Maiden) has announced a Latin American tour. The trek, which mostly consists of Brazilian dates, will also feature Noturnall and Electric Gypsy.

Tour Dates:

01/27 Fortaleza, Brazil – Armazém
01/28 Recife, Brazil – Estelita
01/29 Salvador, Brazil – 30 Segundos
01/31 Brasília, Brazil – Toinha
02/01 Goiânia, Brazil – Bolshoi
02/02 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – Agyto
02/04 São Paulo, Brazil – Carioca Club
02/05 Belo Horizonte, Brazil – Mr Rock
02/08 Florianópolis, Brazil – Célula Showcase
02/09 Curitiba, Brazil – Jokers
02/11 Vila Velha, Brazil – Correria
02/12 Ipatinga, Brazil – Garajão
02/14 Juiz de Fora, Brazil – Cultural Bar
02/15 Divinópolis, Brazil – Zeppelin
02/16 Uberlândia, Brazil – Seu Rosa
02/18 Cuiabá, Brazil – Caverna’s Bar
02/19 Campo Grande, Brazil – Blues Bar
02/21 Maringá, Brazil – Tribo’s
02/23 Porto Alegre, Brazil – CIEE
02/25 Limeira, Brazil – Mirage
02/26 Santos, Brazil – Arena Club
02/28 Boa Vista, Brazil – 174 Pub
03/02 Manaus, Brazil – O Condado
03/03 Belém, Brazil – Botequim
03/04 São Luis, Brazil – The Music Hall
03/06 Teresina, Brazil – Bueiro do Rock
03/07 Juazeiro do Norte, Brazil – Porão Rock
03/08 Natal, Brazil – Whiskritório
03/10 João Pessoa, Brazil – After Pub
03/11 Maceió, Brazil – Tanque Cheio
03/12 Aracaju, Brazil – Chê Music Bar
03/15 Asuncion, Paraguay – Absoluto Rock
03/17 Buenos Aires, Argentina – Uniclub
03/18 Santiago, Chile – Subterraneo
03/19 La Serena, Chile – Enjoy
03/21 Pto. Montt, Chile – Barra Bass
03/25 Mexico City, Mexico – TBC

Stjepan Juras, a fan and author who has been caring for Di’Anno, commented:

“It’s time for something very special. At the end of January, Paul Di’Anno will embark on ‘The Beast Resurrection Tour’, which will cover a large part of Latin America. After a successful leg operation, it is now time for constant walking exercises and physiotherapy. As the crowding campaign for Paul’s recovery is over, he is leaving Croatia in two weeks and returning to the UK, from where he is starting this tour. At the concerts in Sao Paulo and Belo Horizonte, we announce a special guest from the big Maiden family, which will delight many fans. This tour will also have special t-shirts with a new visual, and a carefully designed tour book. We will soon publish a list of all support bands outside of Brazil, as well as many other details. Paul thanks you all for your support and says that this tour is a victory for him and a big mental milestone that will give him extra strength to complete his recovery. Namely, he still has a few months of work left before he can fully stand on his feet. Expect new dates and new continents in the very near future. Booking!


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