Ville Valo On The Possibility Of A HIM Reunion: “Never Say Never”

During a recent appearance on “The James McMahon Music Podcast,” Ville Valo was asked about the possibility of a HIM reunion. The frontman, who is currently planning to release his debut solo album “Neon Noir” on January 13, responded by saying “never say never.”

Valo said the following:

“Never say never, I’d say. HIM was so much more than just a band to me. I met Migé [Mikko Paananen], the bass player, when I was about 12. I met Linde [Mikko Lindström], the guitar player, when I was maybe 13 or 14. So we grew up together and went through so many different phases in our lives anyway together, with HIM providing the soundtrack for it and the focus or being the focal point. And it’s so much more than about just monetary things.

If there would be a good reason, good sort of idea or good cause, or if, all of a sudden, everybody would start to gravitate towards each other, I think that would be the best thing. [If] all of a sudden everybody in their own lives just start[ed] to… where it would make sense [to get back together] after all this time. ‘Cause you need to take breaks.

[Toward the end of HIM], it wasn’t necessarily fizzling out, but we had definitely lost the spark regarding creating new music. We tried to work it out, but it didn’t sound good. It started to feel like a day job, and when it starts to feel like that, it’s definitely time to end it, in the world of rock and roll, I think. Or in our world of rock and roll. So I cannot tell you whether we’re gonna feel like that in the future. I wouldn’t mind, but I don’t wanna do it right now. It’s not something I will think about constantly, or ever, to be honest with you.”

He continued when asked if he was approached about going solo while HIM were still active:

“It was a weird existence, because I did write most of the songs [in HIM], and a lot of people, when we started out, they thought it was a solo project, also because it was called ‘HIM’. It was a weird combo. So all those 25 years I had to fight for the guys to get some recognition, saying that I do write the songs, I sing the songs, but we are childhood mates and that the sound and the way they play their instruments, it makes a big difference; it cannot be just whomever. So I’m actually glad not to talk about that at all [when it comes to my solo project]; I don’t have to, ’cause I played all the stuff by myself and I’m the one to carry the blame or the good and the bad and the ugly.

I was told that many a time. And especially when something happens to be successful… I mentioned [earlier in the interview] ‘Join Me In Death’ [HIM’s 1999 single] being sort of a pop hit in Germany and all that stuff, and you can’t imagine the amount of cooks that wanted to be in that kitchen at that time. Everybody had something to say and dollar signs in their eyes. But it’s not a world I feel comfortable in.

Music is still my safe place, so whenever in doubt, I start listening to BLACK SABBATH. That’s what I did. And that’s where it all started. And that’s also how it happens. Because I don’t wake up in the morning and say to myself, ‘Now I’m gonna write a song.’ Working on music or being creative, it’s my way of understanding the reality around me — it’s my survival kit. It helps me out to understand the world and cope with the pressures and the struggles that we all go through. That’s been my method. And it’s funny that it’s a passion that turned into a hobby that turned into work, and it’s all those things in one neat little box. It’s terribly hard at times, but then again I wouldn’t change it for the world.”

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