Lamb Of God’s Randy Blythe Working On Two New Books

During a recent interview with Metal Hammer, Lamb Of God’s Randy Blythe revealed that he is working on two new books. The first one, “Frontman,” will focus on “other people that do his job,” while the second one will serve as “a sort-of sequel” to his 2015 memoir “Dark Days.” He said the following about the latter:

“The last book was about personal accountability. The vehicle to that was the story about me getting arrested and going to trial. This book is about perspective — the core theme is perspective and changing it to a healthy one. In recent years, I’ve been listening to other people’s perspectives rather than just trying to figure out everything myself, because I’m not going to. The book is a collection of stories about different experiences I’ve had with people and what I’ve taken away from those experiences.”


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