Corrosion Of Conformity Reveal Drummer For New Album

During a recent interview with MetalSucks, Corrosion Of Conformity’s Mike Dean revealed that Stanton Moore will be playing drums on the band’s new album. As previously reported, the group are currently planning to focus on that effort following their upcoming tour.

Dean said the following:

“Yeah, man. That’s true; I think we will be working with Stanton again. So, history repeats itself all these years later; Stanton played on ‘In The Arms Of God‘, and I think he’s going to be working with us again for the next record. Having him aboard, I think you need to get a little nerdy to describe it because Stanton has got his own particular way that he wants to play.

He wants to play kick drums in his jazzy way and likes to have the drums heads up front, so it’s more of a traditional-sounding thing. And all of Stanton‘s fills are very second-line sounding, and he has these little phrases that are unique to him.”

He also added:

“Stanton is a different animal than [the late] Reed [Mullin] – we learned that back when we did ‘In the Arms of God’ – and he brings an entirely new dynamic to the band. Stanton will take these straight, New Orleans-influenced, second-line things and throw them into a metal song; there’s no stopping it. If you’ve seen Staton Moore with Galactic, you’ll know what I’m talking about. He’s got his take, man. He’s a character. But this isn’t like Stanton joining the band per se, and I’m not sure that he would come out on the road and play with us because he’s busy. It’s more that Stanton is a good friend of ours, and we love working with him when we can when our schedules all sync up. Plus, Pepper [Keenan] and Stanton have known each other since they were little. It felt right to do another album with him because we loved what he did on ‘In the Arms of God,’ and we wanted to make this first record after Reed passed special. So, stay tuned, and we’ll see how it all comes out.”


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