Five Finger Death Punch’s Ivan Moody Walks Back On Retirement Comments: “I Ain’t Going Anywhere”

As previously reported, Five Finger Death Punch’s Ivan Moody recently made headlines after revealing that he was planning on “retiring from heavy metal” following the release of the band’s next album. However, the frontman has since walked back on his comments.

Moody said the following:

“I really sat back the last few days and took it all in. And I first off want to apologize. I do. I apologize. I apologize because music’s all I’ve got, and I don’t think, for one, my kids would respect me in the long run if I quit doing what got me here. I don’t think my friends would talk to me. Obviously they didn’t text me, not the ones I was hoping for.

My bandmates deserve better. Zoltan [Bathory, Five Finger Death Punch guitarist] deserves my heart and has earned my respect time and time again. He may as well be my blood. You deserve the best, there is no question about that.”

He continued:

“I can’t quit. I can’t. I’m not. To be quite honest with you, I think I’d die. Maybe not physically die, my but soul would fucking definitely fade, and I didn’t come here for that. There is a fucking fire inside of me that will never go out. Music and heavy metal are all I’ve ever had, all I’ve ever known. I was designed by it. When all the rest of the world kept betting against me — underdog, day after day after day — I found solace and sanctuary in bands like Metallica and Pantera, Alice In Chains, Danzig… The list goes on and on.

It fed me what I needed when I needed without question, unconditional love. I can’t say that for anything else on this fucking planet, [aside from] kids of course…”

He also added:

“I ain’t going anywhere. I’m not, and Zo will hear about it first thing in the morning. As a matter of fact, I’m gonna text him the second I get off this. I owe you. I owe me. I owe everything that I’ve ever stood for. Maybe I was a little bit impulsive…

My kids — and I’m even gonna record it — because I want you to hear the sincerity when I talk to them. I’m not gonna record the whole thing, but I do… I think that they’ll thank me for it. In the ways that I’m not there, I am there in others. I hope you’ll all forgive me for rambling and taking this on…”

Moody also addressed the reasoning behind his announcement, citing one of his children’s struggles with recovery and how “it eats [him] alive”:

“So that night, I saw Nova, and Ivan Jr. and something in my heart — much like the Grinch — grew ten sizes bigger, and I had this moment of clarity, that everything that I had done up until that moment was a prelude to a kiss. That moment I got offstage… both of my kids came to me in tears — especially Nova. And she asked me why I would do something like that, because music is all I’ve ever had…

When I got back to my dressing room that night, my phone… My god, it was like a warzone. Now again mind you… I didn’t really tell Zoltan. I had mentioned it a few times that I was getting to a point where I thought we needed some time off.”

[via The PRP]

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