Les Binks Says Judas Priest Will Perform With Three Guitarists And Two Drummers At Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony

During a recent interview with Chaoszine, ex-Judas Priest drummer Les Binks confirmed that he will be performing with the band during the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame induction ceremony at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles on November 5. As a result, the group will be playing with a lineup consisting of three guitarists and two drummers.

Binks said the following:

“The category that they put the band in, it looked like we weren’t actually gonna be performing. Well, all of that has changed now, and it appears that we will be performing.

This is gonna be one for the books. You’ll have a situation where we have K.K. [Downing] in the band again, which nobody thought was ever gonna happen. Richie Faulkner is gonna be performing as well, although Richie is not actually being inducted, because the way the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame system works, it has to go back, I think, 20 or 25 years or something. Richie doesn’t go back that far [with PRIEST]… So he’ll be there. That’s two guitarists. And then, of course, you’ve got Glenn [Tipton]; and he will be performing as well, apparently. Now, I know he’s got some health issues at the moment, but all being well, that’s the plan.

So JUDAS PRIEST with not two guitarist but three. [Laughs] And two drummers. I’ll be playing with Scott Travis as well. Scott’s being inducted as well, obviously; he’s been in the band a long time.

So that should be quite an interesting experience, in L.A. You’ve never seen anything like that before, and you’re not likely to see it again, I think.

We only have an eight-minute slot, which is not very long; it’ll be over in a flash… We’ll have a rehearsal before because we’ve decided the easiest way to approach it, to do it, for an eight-minute slot that we have, is to do a medley of songs. So run one into the other. So that’s what we’ll rehearse, to get that sorted out.”

[via Blabbermouth]


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