Former Darkest Hour Guitarist Mike “Lonestar” Carrigan Accuses Kris Norris Of “Faking” His Guitar Solos

According to The PRP, ex-Darkest Hour members Kris Norris and Mike “Lonestar” Carrigan have been beefing online. Among the insults hurled back and forth was one from Carrigan, who accused Norris of “faking” his guitar solos.

Carrigan said the following about his departure from the band

“Reason #973 why I quit Darkest Hour.

I remember being on a zoom call in spring 2020 and John Henry was having a meltdown saying something along the lines of “if trump wins re election, we’re probably gonna need your guns for a war” and i almost spit my out my drink. Not only had this dumbass previously told me he thinks owning guns should be illegal, but he was asking me to particpate in some really stupid stuff.”

Carrigan and Norris then got into an argument with Carrigan having shared various screen caps. In those messages, Carrigan said Norris was “faking” solos by recording them at half-speed and speeding them up with a computer.

Further insults and shots were taken, including ones related to politics. Publishing/royalty payments and their contributions to the band were also brought up. Carrigan asserts that Norris‘ legacy is “fake guitar solos,” while Norris asserts that Carrigan wasn’t “on any songs any one cares about…”

Carrigan also added the following about Darkest Hour as a whole:

“They recorded them at half speed and sped them up. Then tried to pull a RATM and say that there’s no keyboards on their records knowing that they faked all their “virtuosic” guitar playing. Their entire sound is stolen from 3 bands.”

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