Lamb Of God’s Randy Blythe: “People Think That Their Uneducated Opinions Are Just As Valid As Those Of World-Renowned Experts”

During a recent interview with the Illinois Entertainer, Lamb Of God’s Randy Blythe shared his thoughts on humanity’s failure to do a partial reset amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The frontman says “people think, for some insane reason, that their uneducated opinions are just as valid as those of world-renowned experts.”

Blythe said the following:

“This is something that I’m currently struggling with, very hard, as I’m writing a new book. I’m working on a new non-fiction book — I wanted to write fiction, but my agent said, ‘You need another non-fiction book.’ And he was pushing me toward what they call, I guess, an ‘inspirational memoir’ or whatever. So I’m writing this book, and it’s about different perspectives from other people that I’ve tried to incorporate into my own life and take something from. Something positive from — things I have learned from people other than me. And it’s been very difficult to maintain any sort of positivity for a while now. It really has.”

He also added:

“Things have just gotten screwier and screwier and screwier. And I’m thinking, like, ‘What is the cause of this? Why are people acting the way they do?’ And I think that there’s a cult of toxic, narcissistic individualism that has made people think, for some insane reason, that their uneducated opinions are just as valid as those of world-renowned experts. On a bunch of different topics, everything from medicine to foreign policy to economics. I mean, I am in full possession of the fact that I am a man of average intelligence. But I’m smart enough and emotionally stable enough to realize that if I don’t know something, I need to refer to someone smarter than myself. But I think in today’s societal climate, people just don’t want to accept that. And they don’t want to accept uncertainty in their lives, so they go looking for answers and wind up finding some kook conspiracy theorist who provides them with a really strange, in my mind, explanation for things for which there are no concrete answers. It’s like a security blanket for the witless. I think people don’t like feeling insecure, unsure, et cetera, so they’re looking for someone to give them an answer that reassures them that none of their problems are their own fault, that someone else is to blame.”

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