Obscura Lose Various Items After Thieves Break Into Their Storage Space

Obscura were recently victims of theft. Steffen Kummerer said the following about the unfortunate situation:

“Dear friends and fans, while Obscura embark on a European Tour, we just received the news that our locker room has been broken into. Aside backline gear and production pieces, a very noticable white ESP Flying V has been stolen. The two smart persons who broke into the locker room have been filmed with 12 cameras and their faces, deeds and actions have been documented well. Also, thank you parking your Ford transporter including license plate in front of two cameras. The officals have been included and the police investigates as we write this message. If anyone of you sees the ESP offered, please send us a mail. The serial number of the instrument has been registered and we will make sure who ever stole this equipment will see consequences. With Kind Regards, Steffen Kummerer“

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