Leprous Cancel 20th Anniversary U.S. Shows, Bassist Simen Børven To Miss Upcoming Tour

Leprous have cancelled their upcoming 20th anniversary shows in the U.S. Furthermore, the band have also revealed that bassist Simen Børven will be sitting out their tour with Apocalyptica and Wheel.

The group commented:

“This is a statement you’ve never heard from Leprous, and hopefully won’t have to hear again. We’ve had no choice but to cancel the 20th anniversary shows in the USA as Simen Børven won’t be able to join us on this tour due to private health related issues in his close family.

This is a very special show that we simply can’t do without Simen, and therefore we have no choice but pulling the plug. All tickets will of course be refunded. The shows with Apocalyptica and Wheel will still go on as planned, and Simen has pre-recorded all his bass for that show!”

Børven added:

“Hey guys. As much as I would like to tour the US a second time around this year – supporting Apocalyptica with my brothers in Leprous – I’ve made the hard choice of staying home from this tour, due to private health related reasons in my family.

As a family man, being on the road can be a challenging experience. Even though this nomadic lifestyle is a choice we’ve made together as a family, it puts us in a vulnerable position in some uncontrollable aspects of life – especially in regards to health. I’m thankful to the guys in Leprous for understanding our situation, and we wish them the best of luck in touring the great US of A ❤️

(On a lighter note: Luckily I’m just the bass player – It’s not like you’ll notice my absence anyways.. 😂)

Peace out✌️and see you in 🇧🇪 15th October”

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