Motörhead Share Previously Unreleased Instrumental Demo Of “Ripsaw Teardown” From 40th Anniversary Edition Of “Iron Fist’

Motörhead have shared a previously unreleased instrumental demo of “Ripsaw Teardown.” The track is featured in a film that the band used during their “Iron Fist” touring cycle. As previously reported, a deluxe edition of “Iron Fist” will be released on September 23.

The following was said about the film in a press release:

“Once upon a time the loudest, nastiest, speed-freaked trio in the land – the mighty Motörhead – decided that they needed an intro-film to come on stage to, so they could tour their brand-new album Iron Fist. Not for them some gentle promo video, for this was Motörhead in 1982 comprising the seminal three amigos line-up of Lemmy, Fast Eddie Clarke and Phil ‘Philthy Animal’ Taylor.

What they produced has been buried in the mists of time, confined to dodgy bootleg VHS’s, but it’s a gory, brutal, hilariously OTT short movie directed by Nick Mead where knights are murdered and maidens are in distress. Shot in a Hertfordshire forest it features a medieval, battle-hardened band stomping around a darkened forest, fueled by vodka and brandishing weapons, wearing horned helmets and looking fierce whilst punching the air with their Iron Fist!

Imagine a recklessly non-health-and-safety, amphetamine-nightmare, super low budget take on Monty Python and the Holy Grail and you’re halfway there.”

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