Justin Foley On Hypothetical Blood Has Been Shed Reunion: “It Would Take A Lot Of Work To Get That Stuff Ready To Play In Front Of People”

During a recent appearance on the “BREWtally Speaking Podcast,” drummer Justin Foley shared his thoughts on a hypothetical Blood Has Been Shed reunion. He says “it would take a lot of work to get that stuff ready to play in front of people.”

Foley said the following when asked about a possible live show:

“Nah [laughs], I don’t know. I mean, I have no idea… I hear from Corey occasionally in, in bursts, you know, sometimes. Sometimes I don’t hear from him for a while and other times he’s calling me every week or so, and just talking about stuff he’s thinking about, and it’s like, yeah, alright, cool.

Obviously it’s difficult. I live far away. …He’s super busy working and I mean, I have all whatever nonsense that I have going on and Howard‘s like, Howard is doing like 6 million projects right now, which is awesome. So, um, yeah, who knows? I mean, it, it would be really fun and it would take, uh, it would take a lot of work to get that stuff ready to play in front of people.

That would be one of the things that would just have to—it couldn’t be like a sudden thing. ‘Cause that shit was hard and I haven’t haven’t played that in a while. So it would take some time, and it would take like actual, legit, long rehearsal periods to get that stuff ready.

But yeah, it would be a lot of fun. I’m surprised. I’m very surprised whenever anybody mentions it though, because we played so long ago, first of all. I mean, I don’t know when our last show exactly was, but it was probably in either 04 or 03, something in that area. So it’s been a really, really long time and it’s not like we were selling out arenas or headlining tours or anything when we were playing.

So it’s always funny to me when there’s interest on things that there was some interest on before, but now it seems like there’s more for whatever reason, who knows?”

[via The PRP]

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