Motionless In White Release “Motion Picture Collection” Version Of “Masterpiece”

Motionless In White have released a new “Motion Picture Collection” version of “Masterpiece.“ You can check that out below. The original version of the track is from the band’s latest album “Scoring The End Of The World.“

Chris Motionless commented:

“It’s very difficult to confront the story of your life and not fixate and obsess over so many of the things you wish you had done or said differently. It’s hard not to succumb to the alluring quicksand of what if’s and what could have been’s. It’s difficult to ask someone forgiveness, but when that person is yourself… it is a much more arduous task, and a brick wall I am still trying to chip away at.

Over the pandemic lockdown I was given a gift of time to myself that have never experienced in that way before, and it came with many unexpected revelations. ‘Masterpiece’ was the first of six songs from the new album (‘SOL,’ ‘Werewolf,’ ‘Porcelain,’ ‘COD’ & ‘BABE2’) that I started writing to document those revelations, and what became ‘the end of the world within’ portion of the new record. It is also the first song in my memory that I’ve written that does not include some sort of positive or uplifting inflection to offer hope of resolution. Though I know there is always some light at the end of the tunnel for everyone, I specifically wanted to write ‘Masterpiece’ from the perspective of the initial emotions at the dawn of a long journey to self forgiveness where everything feels hopeless and consumed by the blinding darkness surrounding you.

These six songs are all written from within or about the confrontational conversations with myself in my own mind, with thankfully the light colly shining in the far off distance in ‘Burned At Both Ends 2.’ Know that this story will continue to rive and many more songs will come out of it as I continue to work on myself and attempt to make amends. Know that it will continue as I find new life in the death of old me.

However, for now, I am very grateful that we are in a point in our career where we have the ability to create versions of our songs that help portray these stories in much more cinematic and vivid fashion, and with that, hope you enjoy the ‘Masterpiece Motion Picture Collection.’

Special thank you to my brothers Justin Deblieck, Drew Fulk, and Steve Sopchak for helping me bring Masterpiece to life in the studio and creating something special that each of us found a piece of ourselves in.


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