Alice In Chains Score New Platinum And Gold Certifications In The U.S.

Alice In Chains have scored some new platinum and gold certifications from the RIAA. The below list of albums and singles were included:

  • “Facelift“ (album) (3x platinum)
  • “Man In The Box“ (single) (3x platinum)
  • “Dirt” (album) (5x platinum)
  • “Would?” (single) (2x platinum)
  • “Them Bones” (single) (platinum)
  • “Rooster“ (single) (2x platinum)
  • “Down In A Hole“ (single) (platinum)
  • “Jar Of Flies“ (EP) (4x platinum)
  • “No Excuses” (single) (gold)
  • “I Stay Away” (single) (gold)
  • “Nutshell” (single) (platinum)
  • “Heaven Beside You“ (single) (gold)
  • “MTV Unplugged” (live album) (2x platinum)
  • “Greatest Hits” (compilation album) (platinum)
  • “The Essential Alice In Chains” (compilation album) (gold)

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