Watch Metallica Jam “Master Of Puppets” With “Stranger Things” Actor Joseph Quinn

Metallica have shared footage of themselves jamming “Master Of Puppets” with “Stranger Things” actor Joseph Quinn backstage at Lollapalooza in Chicago, IL. You can check that out below. As previously reported, an updated version of the track featuring “additional guitar tracks” from Robert Trujillo’s son Tye Trujillo was included in a scene in which Quinn’s character, Eddie Munson, was performing inside the “Upside Down.” Footage from that scene was also incorporated into Metallica’s Lollapalooza set.

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  1. […] performed “Master Of Puppets” inside the “Upside Down.” Notably, Quinn also jammed the track with the band backstage at the aforementioned […]

  2. […] the show. The band have since incorporated footage of that scene into their live show and have even jammed with actor Joseph Quinn, who played Munson on the […]

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