MTVoid (Tool, Etc.) Premiere New Song “Scanner Void”

MTVoid, the project featuring Justin Chancellor (Tool) and Peter Mohamed (Sweet Noise, Serce), have premiered a new song titled “Scanner Void.“ The track, which features drums and synths from Andy Morin (Death Grips), is expected to appear on their upcoming album “Matter’s Knot.”

Mohamed commented:

“Right now, technology is grabbing and shaping humanity. We sell our souls to this whole system that is devouring their beauty.”

Chancellor added:

“Peter and I really push each other. My playing is a reaction to what he creates. He’ll hit me with a beat, and I’ll spend days recording to it—almost in stream-of-consciousness. I’ll respond to him, and I’m always excited at what he pulls out from my response. It’s all cause and effect. There is a means to this end though; we’re both trying to write a song we would like to listen to. There’s a genuine momentum to it.”

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