We’re Wolves Premiere “Life Of A Parasite” Video

We’re Wolves have premiered a new video for their song “Life Of A Parasite.” This track is from the band’s latest album “Evil Things.” AJ Diaferio commented:

“Life of a Parasite is a song about disloyal and dishonest people with hidden agendas who mask themselves as your friend. It’s an anthem of caution for those out there who give too much of themselves to their relationships. A sonic backbone for people unable to stand up for themselves, and a massive fuck you to the people I thought were my friends.This video is dedicated to the people who represent the exact opposite of the song’s meaning. Our loyal, loving, and super supportive fan base. It was shot on-location at Kraken Music Fest and it highlights what’s most important to us… the fans and giving them a show they can be proud of. Without them and their support, we are NOTHING.”

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