Black Veil Brides Have About “Six To Eight Songs” That Will Continue “The Phantom Tomorrow” Story

During a recent interview with Rock Sound, Black Veil Brides revealed that they are sitting on some new material. The band have about “six to eight songs” that will continue the story from their latest album “The Phantom Tomorrow.”

Frontman Andy Biersack said the following:

“We’ve got probably six to eight songs that are what we feel is like kind of an extension of [‘The Phantom Tomorrow’] story. I’m not sure how they’re gonna get released. Originally we wanted to do a part two and everything else. So we don’t know. It may be that you’ll get some singles or duologies or whatever you wanna call it from this, but we’ve got some material. We were just talking about it in the car the other day.”

Drummer Christian “CC” Coma added:

“It’s incredible. We got the final mixes and stuff, and listening to it. I mean, they’re some of my favorite Black Veil songs we’ve ever done. [Andy has] never sounded better. I think that we just jelled so well together during this whole process and the pandemic, and I think just creatively bouncing off of each other, I think this is the best we’ve ever been, to be honest.”

[via Blabbermouth]

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