Stephen Pearcy Says RATT’s Classic Lineup “Were Supposed To Do A Big Summer Tour This Year”

During a recent interview with Atlantic City Weekly, Stephen Pearcy reflected on his time with RATT and his late bandmate Robbin Crosby. Notably, he also mentioned that the surviving members of the group “were supposed to do a big summer tour,” but it didn’t work out.

Pearcy said the following

“As we celebrate Robbin’s passing 20 years today [June 6], it’s still Ratt & Roll. [The music’s] got life … so we are kind of tripping in a good way. He was such an important part of the band. I knew we could play without him, but when he was gone, I knew the band was done. I knew we could go through the motions with different players, but I lost a real, true partner there — a driver in that machine. So, I continue to do the solo thing because I can write what I want and do solo records and tour when I want with who I want.”

He also added:

“We were supposed to do a big summer tour with RATT this year. I initiated doing something if the [surviving] guys [from the classic lineup] would get together. But there is no reason for them to do it or a need for them to do it, so I decided to just go out solo. And I am better off. Some of these guys [in my solo band] have been with me 18, 20 years. So if you want to Ratt & Roll, come see my shows.”

[via Blabbermouth]

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