Distant Members Missing Current Tour Due To Visa Issues

A couple of members of Distant were unable to make the band’s current tour due to visa issues. As a result, the band have been having to perform with an altered lineup.

The group commented:

“As you might have noticed, we are not playing our USA tour in full line up.

Only our drummer Jano and our vocalist Alan were lucky enough to make it to the USA.

We experienced major visa issues and with extreme luck they managed to get theirs just days before their flights were scheduled.

Unfortunately Nouri and Vlad were less lucky and still don’t have their visas.

We started the whole process way ahead and still, beyond our control, failed to receive them in time.

While the band is still playing the whole USA tour, this situation is extremely demotivating and hard for us and it is affecting us badly.

If there is anyone that knows somebody at the American Embassy in The Netherlands that could be of help, please get in contact with us!”

[via The PRP]

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