Some Idiot Questioned Spiritbox’s Courtney LaPlante Over Her Every Time I Die Shirt

In a sexist trend that needs to stop, many men have a tendency of questioning women when they see them wearing band merch in public. This form of stupidity effects fans and even artists such as Spiritbox’s Courtney LaPlante, who was recently questioned by a man after she decided to wear an Every Time I Die shirt to the gym.

LaPlante had the following to say about the encounter she had to endure in a series of tweets:

“I am wearing my tie dye Etid shirt at the gym right now and the guy next to me asked me if I know the band so I’ve said “no” and he is now explaining the band to me. Imagine going up to someone and opening by asking if they know what the thing is on the shirt they are wearing

“I don’t really think about talking about this stuff a lot because I’m not really into engaging on the internet as much these days but sometime I’ll have to tell you all the wild things men say to me.”

“I think it’s cool when people ask me about bands when they see my shirt. But this guy didn’t do that he started with ‘do you know the band on the shirt your wearing?’ 🤯 hahah this kind of stuff happens a lot, but this was very funny so I thought I would share

“I want to thank all the men in the comments for clearing up for me that this interaction was awesome and that I am being a bitch”

She also added the following after Stray From The Path’s Craig Reynolds said that the story will probably get back to the man in question:

“Well if your reading this and you were cross examining a sweaty lady with blue hair and a tie dye Etid shirt on Sunday may 1st in victoria …rack your weights when you’re done freak stop leaving them around”

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