Glenn Danzig Has Four Different Movie Scripts In The Works

During a recent interview with RadioactiveMike Z of 96.7 KCAL-FM’s “Wired In The Empire,” Glenn Danzig discussed his current film projects. Notably, the frontman currently has four movie scripts in the works.

Danzig said the following:

“‘The Vampires’ Vengeance’ is the ‘Death Rider’ sequel. That’s almost done. Then I’m writing a werewolf biker movie — like one-percenter werewolf bikers, outlaw bikers. Then I’ve got a martial arts movie I’ve been working on for a while with the knife-fighting assassin. And then the ‘Verotika’ sequel.”

He continued when asked if he will star in any of the films:

“The only one I did a little role in was the ‘Death Rider’ role, the Bad Bathory role, which is a smaller role, ’cause I just like to concentrate on directing. Yeah, I don’t know. Probably, obviously, in the ‘Death Rider’ movie, Bad Bathory comes back. But I don’t think in the other ones I’ll be making appearances.

It’s a lot of work doing a movie, especially if you’re writing and directing, ’cause then everybody comes to the director when there’s a problem. And there’s always a million problems on a movie; you don’t even know it. It’s just, like, ‘Wow!’ You come home exhausted, just like ‘Wow!’

I have to say, people — like the actors, all the people on the crew and everything, on the movie — everybody puts a lot of work into doing it. It’s not easy. It’s tough.

It’s way more difficult to make a movie [than to make an album].”

[via Blabbermouth]

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