Trivium’s Matt Heafy To Release “Ibaraki And Friends” Children’s Book

Matt Heafy (Trivium, Ibaraki) has teamed up with Z2 Comics and illustrator Half Sumo for a new children’s book titled “Ibaraki And Friends.” The book, which will focus on Japanese folklore, is expected to be released in June.

Here’s a description of the book:

“Written by Matthew Kiichi Heafy (of Grammy-Nominated band Trivium), ‘Ibaraki And Friends’ tells Matthew’s rendition of Japanese legends and folktales alike.

This children’s book, illustrated by Half Sumo and designed by Ashley Heafy, is for all the kids that want to know more about where they come from and the parents that want to share those moments with them.

A dragon, a samurai and even a koi, ‘Ibaraki And Friends’ shows through accessible prose the exciting history and myths of Japan.

With beautiful illustrations and exciting adventures, the whole family will want to read it over and over again.”

Heafy also added:

“‘Ibaraki And Friends’ is a book full of the stories that I grew up with. That Japanese folklore lies at the very root of so many of the amazing stories we have today, whether they’re in video games, anime, movies, or songs.

For years, I’ve researched as many Japanese stories as possible—gotten several of them tattooed on my body — and explored their themes in the songs of Trivium, Ibaraki and now in ‘Ibaraki And Friends’. It’s our hope that in exploring these wonderful stories, that the readers will want to learn more about Japanese culture — then more cultures of the surrounding Asian countries, then spread that willingness to learn about stories from all over the world, inspiring curiosity in the many cultures we share around the planet.”

Fans can pre-order the book HERE. Notably, select bundles will include a lullaby CD, temporary tattoos, and more.

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