Earthless Issue Statement Regarding Sexual Violence At Recent Live Show: “We Stand Against These Actions And Want To Express Our Support To Every Woman”

Earthless have issued a statement regarding acts of sexual violence that were committed during one of their recent live shows. The band condemned the egregious actions, while also voicing their support for the victims.

The group said the following:

“Hello friends, it has been brought to our attention that women in the audience at one of our recent shows were the victims of sexual violence. We stand against these actions and want to express our support to every woman.

We wish for our shows to be a safe space for women and everyone to enjoy live music and share the love and joy that it brings to us all. We ask that anyone who isn’t a feminist or cares for the wellbeing of women to refrain from attending our shows and for them to take a hard look at themselves. We are deeply saddened and hope these behaviors end now.

If you have been a victim of sexual violence at our shows or you think we can support you in any way feel free to reach out. We believe you, we are here for you and you are not alone.”

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