Sabaton To Release “The Symphony To End All Wars” In May

Sabaton will be releasing a new symphonic version of their latest album, “The War To End All Wars,” on May 6. The effort, which is titled “The Symphony To End All Wars,” can be pre-ordered HERE. The original edition of the record and the “History Edition” are also available at the same link.

“The Symphony To End All Wars” Track Listing:

01. “Sarajevo” (Symphonic Version)
02. “Storm Troopers” (Symphonic Version)
03. “Dreadnought” (Symphonic Version)
04. “The Unkillable Soldier” (Symphonic Version)
05. “Soldier Of Heaven” (Symphonic Version)
06. “Hellfighters” (Symphonic Version)
07. “Race To The Sea” (Symphonic Version)
08. “Lady Of The Dark” (Symphonic Version)
09. “The Valley Of Death” (Symphonic Version)
10. “Christmas Truce” (Symphonic Version)
11. “Versailles” (Symphonic Version)

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