Jinjer’s Eugene Abdukhanov Shares New Update From Ukraine: “For One Month I Haven’t Been Able To Hug My Most Beloved Ones”

Jinjer’s Eugene Abdukhanov has checked in with an update from Ukraine, which is currently subject to an unprovoked invasion by Russia. Sadly, the bassist says he has not “been able to hug [his] most beloved ones” for a month.

Abdukhanov said the following:

“This the last photo we took together before the Russian invasion started. The most brutal, barbaric and horrible war in Europe since WWII, initiated by Putin, has been on for one month now. For one month I haven’t been able to hug my most beloved ones, my wife Anna, my sons Danny and Roman, and honestly don’t know when I will see them again. đź’”

For one month we – people in Ukraine have been surrounded by fear, dread and suffering on one side and heroism and incredible unity 🤝 on the other. Being able to help people in need and being in touch with my family via video calls are the only source of relief now.

I appreciate all of you for the support you are giving us and Ukraine. Sincerely, I still cannot believe how many donation t-shirts you ordered and how much money we managed to collect. We will be posting on stories about how exactly these funds are directed at people here in Ukraine. As far as I know the generator and fuel which we sent to Chernihiv the day before yesterday has already arrived and it is hard to overestimate how much people need it in the city which has no electricity for weeks now.”

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