He Is Legend’s Schuylar Croom Opens Up About Year-Long Battle With Mystery Illness

He Is Legend vocalist Schuylar Croom has revealed that he has been battling a mysterious illness for about a year. The sickness has led to the cancellation of the band’s appearance on the “ShipRocked” cruise and several shows booked around it.

Croom said the following in a recent video:

“I have an illness, we’re not sure what it is. I get sick, usually in the mornings. I’ll throw up and then I will be ill for sometimes two weeks. Those are the gory details. I’m not talking I throw up and go to bed and feel gross, I’m throwing up twenty times a day. I’m like living in the bathroom.”

He also added:

“So all year we’ve been going in and out, trying to figure this out. We thought that gall bladder removal was the answer—it turned out it wasn’t, I got sick again. This time very close to my recording sessions for the new He Is Legend record. As I was healing from the gall bladder surgery I get sick again, so we had to push recording for me, the album is finished, other than vocals.”

Despite this, he went on to say that the illness will not derail his music career:

“I’m born to do what we do, so I won’t turn my back on that. And I won’t let an illness stop me—though it has delayed me.”

Croom also took to Twitter to say that his doctors have since gone “back to the drawing board” and that they believe his illness may be related to his battle with diabetes.

[via The PRP]

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