Andrew Tkaczyk (The Ghost Inside) To Release New One Decade EP “Chromesthesia” This Month

The Ghost Inside drummer Andrew Tkaczyk will be releasing a new EP, titled “Chromesthesia,” from his One Decade project on January 14. Fans can pre-save the effort HERE.

Tkaczyk commented:

“I have been working on this EP on and off for just around 1 year to the date. I got inspired to start writing for it in January 2021, got 2 songs done, then had a lot of life happened and it stopped me from working on it.

It wasn’t even until around October that I had the time and got a massive dose of inspiration to keep writing and the rest just flowed out naturally. I had a great time writing these songs. I finished everything up in early December of 2021 and decided to approach @lanceprenc to mix & master. Mate was keen! 🇦🇺🦘 The comparison between this EP and the prior 1D catalog is night and day. I cannot wait for this to be heard. Lance got it right where I wanted it.

Just like all other @onedecadeband artwork, my great friend @chrisrubey did all artwork and visuals for me including this audio/visual you’re seeing here. He has ALWAYS been able to take my visions and bring them to life. I am lucky to have such insanely talented friends.

A lot of work has been put into this project and it is all done completely independently and funded by myself. No label. Self released. The only way to get this out there is for you to stream it and show your friends.

Just shy of 1 week away from the release of CHROMESTHESIA. Please go to the link in my bio and pre-save it on Spotify. It will be available on ALL streaming platforms January 14th at Midnight in your time zone. There’s not a lot more gratifying than creating art, watching it come to life, and releasing it into the world. It would mean the world to me if you gave it a spin. I hope you enjoy. Get stoked!

Chromesthesia: A type of synesthesia in which which a nonvisual stimulus causes the individual to perceive color. Color hearing is a form of chromesthesia. In color hearing a musical tone elicits a color.”

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