Brian Fair On The Possibility Of New Shadows Fall Music: “We’ve Talked About Writing Stuff”

While discussing Shadows Fall’s recent reunion show on the “Podioslave Podcast,” Brian Fair was asked about the possibility of new music from the band. The frontman responded with the following:

“We’ve talked about writing stuff, and there’s a very definitive Shadows Fall approach to writing. So if Matt [Bachand] or Jon [Donais] or Paul [Romanko] had ideas that really made sense, I’d see us pursuing ’em. But nothing right now. All we wanted to do is get through this show — we wanted to get through it, see if we could pull it off, see how it went. And now we’re, like, ‘Okay, now we can think about if we wanna do something else.’ But nothing planned right now. I know Jon and Matt are riff machines — I’m sure they’ve got stuff — but they do also have other projects they’re working on too… But right now we’re just kind of recovering a little bit, trying to make sure I get my neck back in shape.”


[via Blabbermouth]

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