Metal Anarchy’s New Music Showcase: Exclusive Q&A With Dead Echoes 

Time for the next edition of Metal Anarchy’s “new music showcase,” the feature where I introduce you to artists that readers of this site may find interesting. This time I have an exclusive Q&A with Dead Echoes.

METAL ANARCHY: Tell me a little about your band:

DEAD ECHOES: We are located in Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan. We met online during the pandemic in 2020. Matt had an album written that he wanted to get recorded and needed someone to sing on it. He met Bryan and they tracked the song “Runaround” which turned out amazingly. From there it has been just writing and recording and the final product is an album called “Twin Flames” which we are very proud of. Having a lot in common and similar musical tastes made it easy to work together and hone in on this sound we were going for. We each have 20+ years of music experience and love what we do.

METAL ANARCHY: Who are your main influences?

DEAD ECHOES: Some of our main influences are bands like Tool, Godsmack, Sevendust, Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, and pretty much any grunge band from the 90s. These are the bands that we listened to growing up and who got us into music in the first place.

METAL ANARCHY: What is your latest release and why should readers of this site check it out?

DEAD ECHOES: We are about to release the title track of our new upcoming album, “Twin Flames”. The entire album is telling a story which progresses with each song. Twin flames are people who are similar to soul mates but usually don’t end up together. The song is about realizing that the person who you thought was your soul mate was actually your twin flame. There is a lot of emotion in it but it rocks out! This is the fifth single that we will have released from the album. It’s really good and easy to sing along to.

METAL ANARCHY: What can people expect when they go to your live shows?

DEAD ECHOES: While we haven’t had a chance to play any live shows yet, we have thrown around ideas of how that will look. We definitely want to embrace using visual elements to help set the tone of each song and fully immerse fans in the story we are telling. We don’t want to give anything away about it, but it will definitely be a good time.

METAL ANARCHY: Where do you see your band heading in 5 years?

DEAD ECHOES: Well we are very excited to even be making our music and releasing this album so anything else for us is a bonus. We are a few songs deep into a second album so continuing to release new music is definitely going to continue to happen. Ideally, we would like to see this pandemic die off and even more fans getting back into attending live shows. We want to see packed venues again. Hopefully, we will be playing in those packed venues. That would be fun. Guess we will see what happens.

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