Tool Drummer Danny Carey To Appear In Court In January Following Recent Misdemeanor Assault Charge

As previously reported, Tool’s Danny Carey was recently arrested and charged with misdemeanor assault after getting into an altercation with someone who was working security at an airport in Kansas City, MO. The drummer is now set to appear in court on January 12.

Billboard have also since obtained the citation that was issued by the Kansas City Airport Police. It says that Carey allegedly made contact with the man in question while yelling a homophobic slur:

“[Carey] did intentionally cause and unlawful, offensive contact upon [redacted] by yelling at the complaintant ‘you’re a f—ing f—-t repeatedly and jabbed the complainant in the chest repeatedly.”

TMZ previously reported that Carey has already been released from custody, but he could face a fine of up to $13,900. The site also shared footage of the arrest, which can be found HERE.

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