Listen To “Maybe Tomorrow” From Ex-Trouble Singer Eric Wagner’s Posthumous Solo Album “In The Lonely Light Of Mourning”

A new song, titled “Maybe Tomorrow,” from the late Eric Wagner (ex-Trouble) is available below. This track is from the singer’s posthumous solo album “In The Lonely Light Of Mourning” (out March 22).

David Snyder commented:

“The pre-chorus part was definitely influenced by Chuck Robinson’s old band This Tortured Soul which, at that time, I had the pleasure of playing second guitar for a few shows. That influenced things for sure. The verses and descending single note parts were Eric’s suggestions and the main riff was originally just single notes. And, just before recording, Eric wanted it heavier, so I added the low droning open note and asked what he thought and in true Eric form, he calmly said, ‘That’s it. It’s a jam.’ On the first rough mixes you can hear him say it when the song started while he did the vocals, which definitely brought a smile every time I heard it. The song’s style ended up being a cool full-circle thing with Chuck and I and being fans of Eric’s music, who greatly influenced our own styles. Add in Lothar Keller’s stunning solo and Ron Holzner’s badass bass and it rounded the whole track out rather well, I have to say.”

Lothar Keller continued:

“It’s very interesting hearing this tune now that Eric has gone to the other side. Call it premonition or whatever someone’s take on it is — you can hear it in his voice and it will definitely hit you.

I am honored to have been a part of Eric’s last album and his legacy will continue to live on in the hearts of many.”

Chuck Robinson added:

“The groove and vibe on ‘Maybe Tomorrow’ is insane. It’s just a killer riff with great drive. I remember Eric was very adamant how he wanted the feel to be. Eric’s lyrics were so personal to him. He was a master with words, hidden meanings and messages. Only he knew for sure…”

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