Metal Anarchy’s Music In The Age Of COVID-19 Series: Interview With Dead Venus

Time for the next edition of Metal Anarchy’s “Music In The Age Of COVID-19” series, the feature where I discuss the ongoing pandemic with various musicians. This time I have an interview with Seraina Telli of Dead Venus.

METAL ANARCHY: How have you been holding up during the coronavirus pandemic?

TELLI: Actually we’re holding up pretty well. But we really want to go on tour now. Not only because we need to sell some CDs and merchandise (laughs).

METAL ANARCHY: Have you been using your downtime to work on new music?

TELLI: YES! We did a lot during that time. First of all we recorded our second studio album ‘Flowers & Pain’. We also already released three singles including a videoclip for every track. Go check it out on our YouTube channel. 🙂

Furthermore we had a very special idea for our fans: Until the new album will be released, a four-piece-EP Package including four new songs as well as four special tracks is available and can be ordered (only) through the band! In case anybody is interested in ordering the physical EP-package please don‘t hesitate to contact us on FB, Instagram or write us an email to to order your copies. We still have some left ✨.

METAL ANARCHY: What was the last show you played or attended before the shutdown?

TELLI: The last (partial) shutdown in Switzerland was about a year ago so it isn’t a big issue anymore at the moment. In our case the problem is that we have planned to be on tour since the end of 2020 but it had to be postponed two times. Therefore we were not planning any single shows. And now the venues we could have played at are full with all the bands that should have been playing there last year (laughs). Anyway now we are preparing for the tour which now finally should take place in March/April 2022. Wish us luck!

METAL ANARCHY: Are you planning to play any livestream concerts during this time?

TELLI: Is there another shutdown coming I haven’t heard of? (laughs) In case this question addresses the past: We have made a live concert film together with “Punchline Studios” which was released in April this year. We’re not planning for livestreams at the moment. If we would do something like that we would want to have a great quality speaking of sound and picture and that would be expensive. So we decided not to do that. But who knows what the future will bring. Maybe we have to overthink that again – stay progressive right? (laughs).

METAL ANARCHY: Do you think the live entertainment industry will ever recover?

TELLI: We hope so! Maybe it will not be the same as before but I believe that music and art will never stop finding a way to get to the peoples ear or eyes. 🙂

METAL ANARCHY: Lastly, is there anything fans can do to help your band or others that may be struggling during this time?

TELLI: Just never stop listening to music and searching for new acts. There are some pretty cool bands out there who haven’t a big audience yet but they’re already great! And if they have, buy their CDs and merchandise instead of only listening to them through Spotify or similar streaming platforms. Like for example our EP package. ✨

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